In creating our designer saunas, our focus is on the people we are crafting them for and their well-being. Every detail provides both functional and aesthetic value and serves the same goal: to boost people’s physical and mental well-being through sauna experiences that bring balance to mind, body and soul.

In the design of our saunas, we remain mindful of both ergonomics and the need for the finished products to complement a variety of lifestyles and interiors, as they are often installed in existing ecosystems. That’s why we offer such a wide range of models to choose from, with plenty of options to accessorize and personalize them.

"Auroom’s greatest strengths are flexibility and reliability. We make specialized solutions not only possible, but exciting and fun, without ever compromising on quality. However unfeasible an idea may seem, we always ask ourselves how we can realize it. We’re supported on that front by technology that’s evolving all the time and by keeping in close touch with our clients so that we’re always keeping up with market trends."
Martin Salumaa
Head of Quality and Development, Auroom

Auroom’s saunas are unique thanks to the exciting materials we use and the attractive tone and finish of our timber. In addition, the exclusive timber profiles we have developed for our range make them even more special.

Auroom saunas can also be adjusted for non-standard circumstances thanks to our highly skilled design and development team, who can quickly rework existing models or devise completely new Their wealth of experience ensures that any potential issues are nipped in the bud, guaranteeing a professional, inspiring and complete solution.