Every piece of timber we use in our saunas, however small a part it will play, is carefully selected from the high-quality materials at our disposal. This way, we ensure the longevity of our products and avoid problems arising in the course of their use. We build with a wide range of timbers – if you place a special order, your imagination is the only limit.

To build Auroom saunas, we use both thermally modified and natural timber, depending on the solution that is best suited to the client’s needs. The advantages of thermally modified timber are its aesthetic value, extraordinary stability and longevity. With unmodified timber, if you choose the right type, you will be rewarded with its characteristic natural aroma, unique grain and favorable performance at high temperatures.

We obtain timber for our saunas from our parent company Thermory – the world’s leading producer of thermally modified timber and sauna materials. As such, our supply is assured and the quality of our raw materials is consistent even with larger orders.

"Our priorities in developing our production unit have always been quality and the Lean management principles. We invest heavily in the development of our team and in smarter production. Our vision is to be a visible, recognized brand in the wellness sector and to let our products speak for themselves."
Marten Merdikes
CEO and Factory Manager, Auroom

All of Auroom’s sauna components and additional materials are sourced from our reliable, long-standing partners and thoroughly tested.

Our saunas are assembled in the factory before delivery to the client in order to check that all the parts fit together perfectly. Final adjustments and a polish ensure the uncompromising and unrivaled quality of our products.